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The only specialist garden

and home maintenance company catering to the needs of older and more 

vulnerable Australians


We know what it takes

After working in the industry for many years and having our own family members struggle to find suitable people to help maintain their homes to the standards they deserved, Home Care Services Australia was created. We provide end-to-end services for all clients from small garden work and minor repairs, to large renovations and complex home modifications. We coordinate the expertise and trades required to fulfil all types of work, from plumbers and electricians, to plasterers and painters, providing expert project management and oversight to ensure all work is completed to the highest standards. We ensure all work meets the needs and standards of our clients, delivering complete and comprehensive service in a timely, compassionate and personalised manner.

Our Services

Garden maintenance

No matter how large or small, no job is too little or big. From light dusting, to regular weeding and mowing, we have everything you need covered. Our hand-picked people work tirelessly to deliver what you want to the standard you desire so that you can enjoy your home in comfort.


5-Star quality rating

After an operation I found it really hard to lift my arms. Had it not been for Tommy, I wouldn't have been able to change the light globes in my home. He even stayed and had a chat which was very enjoyable.

Joan, Eltham

Mum had been waiting for months for her fence to be fixed. After calling Simon and the team it was done within a matter of days, giving us all peace of mind that mum was safe in her home.

Donna, Mitcham

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